About me


Hey, I'm Sara.

I am a big supporter of connection as a vehicle for personal and business transformation. My work centers on helping brands and individuals connect more deeply to themselves, each other, and the planet.

I'm a design thinking nerd. I love using the elements of human centered design in building projects that matter, and have worked both one-on-one and in workshops of 5 to 250 people to integrate design thinking principles into building new things- businesses, projects, or internal company programs. I use these principles in my sustainability consulting as well, supporting companies in reducing their environmental impact using a harm reduction approach.

I write about sustainable living, wellness, business, and intentionalism as a contributor to mindbodygreen, Forbes, The Fullest, and Cherry Bombe, amongst others. Previously I've consulted to EILEEN FISHER on their woman-owned business grant program. 

I previously founded IMBY, an ethical fashion retailer and lifestyle brand. Prior to that, I served as Vice President of Programs and Strategy at PresenTense, a social entrepreneurship accelerator where I worked with over 300 entrepreneurs on building their businesses utilizing and developing design thinking curriculum.

I love yoga, karaoke, and seeing the world through the lens of my camera. I'm a junky for wellness and stress reduction. And I believe all dessert must include chocolate.