Intro to Design Thinking Workshop

Whether you found this through my intro to design thinking episode on my podcast, came across it through my Instagram, or landed here due to the magic of the interwebs, welcome!

Design thinking is a powerful tool that can help you create, build, and refine elements of your business so things flow easily, instead of begging people to buy/signup/participate.

I want to guide you through this powerful methodology so that you can apply it to your business, so here’s my offering: a 75-minute digital workshop where I walk you through the process and give you the tools you need to implement it in your work.

And it’s only $11.



  • What design thinking is and how it can be helpful

  • How to frame your design challenge

  • How to gather information using customer/user empathy

  • How to create ideas that people actually want to partake in

  • How to prototype your ideas quickly and cheaply to get feedback so you save time and money


  • A new set of tools to use in nearly all aspects of your business

  • A skillset that will help you create products, offerings, and marketing that speaks directly to your target market (a.k.a, people will want what you’re offering)

  • Ways to save time and money while testing things out in your business, to get the necessary feedback you need to thrive.

  • A recording of the call and a handout with the steps so that you can get going using the process!


  • Entrepreneurs who want to refine their offerings, strategy, and/or marketing, who are launching a new company or new offering, and/or are “stuck” and want to understand their target audience better

  • Individuals looking to innovate or create new offerings within an existing company

  • Anyone looking to create an offering for a community— this could be a product, service, or even a social media community!

  • Not sure if it’s for you? Email me and we’ll chat it out!


Great question! I’ve taught this workshop dozens of times in the past 7 years for clients ranging from conferences to staff meetings to fellowships and beyond. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs use design thinking in their work. I also write about design thinking for Forbes. And now I want to make it easy and accessible to learn about using a virtual format!