19: Navigating our personality and mental preferences, muscle testing, and practicing self compassion with Lauren Tisza


Today’s episode was one of six that I recoded live in Los Angeles! I am chatting with Lauren Tisza, a lifestyle guide, who utilizes tools like Jungian Mental Wiring, Astrology, Tarot, and Neuro-Emotional Healing to support her clients with their unique needs. We talk a little bit about each of these modalities, most deeply diving into Jungian Mental Wiring and looking at personality traits. Lauren uses so many interesting modalities, and it was fun to explore a variety in this episode!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How the Meyers Briggs tool changed her life and how she built upon that for her own practice

  • Lauren’s various trainings and how she integrates them into her practice

  • Her modality called Jungian Mental Wiring

  • Muscle testing

  • Tarot and the flow of the deck

  • Our conscious versus unconscious thoughts

  • How our personality preferences influence us

  • My personality preferences and how to find alignment within my authenticity

Mentioned in this episode:

All the deets:

  • If you are interested in book a session with Lauren, you can do so on her Holisticism page. Use code mediumwell (all lowercase) for 10% Lauren’s services through 3/31/19.

  • Join Lauren on Sunday, 3/10 for a Q & A on @holisticsm.

  • Lauren will be hosting "Intelligent Authenticity and Connection with Myers-Briggs and Other Spiritual Tools" with Holisticsm on 3/16 if you want to dive into this work deeper!

  • Say hi to Lauren over on Instagram at @laurentisza. Keep an eye out for her podcast launch.

  • Tag me (@saraweinreb) and Lauren on Instagram with your favorite takeaways from the episode!

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