What I offer


Business Coaching & Consulting

Using design thinking principles, we can work together to get your business idea off the ground. I specialize in helping you in the following areas.

User empathy

Understanding your consumers, customers, and collaborative market are cornerstones to building a relevant offering. We will walk through how to use empathetic interviews, observation, and other techniques to have a deep understanding of who you are serving.


How do you test out your idea? Instead of building something "perfect" and then gaining valuable feedback, we will create a plan to start receiving user feedback on your offering quickly, efficiently, and cheaply so you can iterate and build something that is relevant and highly desired.

Social Impact

I'm passionate about using business as a force for good, and will help you integrate a relevant, meaningful, and sustainable way to incorporate social impact into your business, as well as into your operations.

Determining your "why"

The most important element in building a business is understanding what you are working towards. We will work together and determine why you're building your business and what your end goal is, so we can ensure all elements of your business are in service of that goal.


Creating a strong brand using design thinking requires a clear, direct message to your users. I will evaluate your website and offer you tangible suggestions to make it clearer and optimize conversions.

Workshop Facilitation

We will work together to craft a design thinking workshop that is relevant to your employees or conference attendees. Using principles of user empathy, radical brainstorming, and prototyping, design thinking workshops will teach attendees how to build relevant and meaningful offerings to their audiences.

One-time workshops can focus on design thinking as a whole, or a specific element, and range from 90 minutes to 4 hours.

Workshop series can deep dive into specific elements and span several days, weeks, or months depending on your needs.



Design thinking | Prototyping | Social Enterprise | Ethical Fashion | Minimalism and Intentional Living 


Coaching packages start at 5 sessions. 
Website branding and evaluation is included in packages of 10 sessions or more.

All packages include:

  • Clear, actionable next steps after each session, with "assignments"
  • Email accessibility in between sessions
  • A program tailored for your needs and your business