Business Coaching and Consulting

I'm passionate about supporting emerging entrepreneurs in getting their businesses off the ground using the principles of design thinking. I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs looking to build businesses and social enterprises. From individuals with just an idea to entrepreneurs in the early stages of their businesses, we can work together to evaluate your customer's needs, prototype, build relevant branding, and put your idea into the world quickly, efficiently, and effectively-- and beautifully.

Design Thinking facilitation and consultation

I lead workshops and deep dives for organizational professionals, conference attendees, or community members on the fundamentals of design thinking and how to apply it to your work. Utilizing the concepts of user empathy, prototyping, and goal setting, we will build an experience that helps you translate your current offering or a new idea you are working on to be meaningful and relevant to your users. 

Workshops range from 90 minutes to four hours. Consulting deep dives are custom tailored to your organizational needs.


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I love helping individuals build businesses that are on a mission for good. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur trying to get started, a founder who is looking to find their perfect market fit, or an organization that is looking to learn more about design thinking, I can help.