Hey, hi, hello. I'm Sara.

I'm a facilitator, writer, and strategist who helps people build lives & businesses that better themselves, others, and the planet.


So... how do I do that?

With a background in business and entrepreneurship, I support values-driven entrepreneurs in building businesses that enrich the lives of others and leave the planet better off. I help them with strategy and getting things off the ground while ensuring they don't burn out.
Because #beenthere #donethat and #notworthit.

As a recovering hustler turned holistic living enthusiastic, I support individuals in building a lifestyle that keeps them feeling their best and leaves the planet better off at the same time. I help people optimize their health and mental wellbeing using food and plants as medicine. Plus chocolate, because that always helps.

And I want to help you with all of the above (okay, maybe not all at once. That sounds exhausting!).


Let's uplevel your health & wellbeing


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Let's uplevel your do-good business

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I love facilitating on a variety of topics, and my biggest focus is leading teams through a design thinking process. Design thinking is a creative problem-solving methodology that employs empathy to build and refine products, services, and offerings that are relevant and meaningful to all stakeholders involved. It's a powerful tool that I would love to use to guide you as an entrepreneur, your team, or your event attendees through to help them solve pressing issues in your communities and companies. 


Freelance Writing

Whether it's crafting the perfect copy for your website, creating content that speaks to the hearts of your customers, or thought leadership based on my expertise, I would love to work with you to create copy that serves your needs and helps you increase the visibility, impact, and bottom line of your business.

Strategy and social impact consulting

Whether you are just launching your business or are established and looking to deepen your impact, hone in your strategy, or reach your ideal customers, I will work with you to help you acheive your goals in your mission-driven business.


Sara is a dynamic, engaging, and compelling presenter and teacher. She is able to respond easily in the moment to questions, letting her participants lead while maintaining focus on the content. Sara is also just plain funny and relevant, and her trove of real-life stories and examples brought her curriculum to life. I’m definitely planning to invite her back for our next class of fellows!


Sara carefully listened to each and every challenge I was facing and helped me navigate a successful business launch. With her help, I was able to launch a month before originally expected! I would highly recommend working with Sara, her background as a founder paired with her creative ways to tackle roadblocks is invaluable to my business.




About me

I'm founder of IMBY, a holistic lifestyle brand dedicated to helping women live less cluttered, more mindful lives.

I care a lot about wellness, stress reduction, mindful and sustainable living, and helping my clients support their physical wellbeing and the wellbeing of their businesses. I've been through burn out and consequential health issues, and I am dedicated to helping others prevent that from happening.

I'm a design thinking nerd. I'm a facilitator on that topic.

I'm a writer for Forbes, mindbodygreen, AlleyWatch, StartupFashion, and more.

You can often find me on my yoga mat and/or eating ice cream. #balance


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