10: Finding and defining your purpose with Jodi Berg, CEO and President of Vitamix


Today’s guest is Jodi Berg, the CEO and President of Vitamix. Not only has Jodi pioneered Vitamix’s massive expansion over the past decade, but she also has a passion for helping individuals, both in her company and beyond, find their purpose and leverage it in their job and personal life. In fact, she pursued a PhD in Philosophy with a dissertation entitled, “Purpose Matters: The Impact of Personal Purpose, Company Purpose and Transformational Orientation at Work." She is full of wonderful and inspiring information on how to find and harness purpose, which is the focus of today’s episode.

We cover:

  • Jodi’s health journey and how it set her on a path to find purpose at work

  • How Jodi leveraged her superpower of helping others find purpose

  • How Jodi became the CEO of Vitamix

  • Imposter syndrome and how Jodi overcame it

  • What Jodi learned through her PhD and study of purpose

  • How to find your personal purpose, and the role of purpose in your life

All the deets:

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