18: What's the deal with consulting? with Erin Halper

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In today’s episode, I talk all about consulting with Erin Halper, Founder and CEO of The Upside. Since I do some consulting at the moment and am considering making that part of my offerings moving forward, I wanted to hear Erin’s view on how that world works since she advises women consultants on building their consultancies!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Erin’s career in marketing

  • How and why Erin shifted to consulting

  • The keys to being a successful business consultant

  • Different models of consulting

  • How to find your niche

  • The main stumbling blocks for women

  • The importance of building and fostering your network

All the deets:

Check out Erin’s business, The Upside. Erin is graciously offering 1-month free membership to all listeners who are currently pursuing or thinking about pursuing a career as an independent contractor. Just read her membership requirements here to make sure you're a fit and use code mediumwell at checkout to receive the free month.

Say hi to Erin over on Instagram at @betheupside.

Tag me (@saraweinreb) and Erin on Instagram with your favorite takeaways from the episode!

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