32: Goal setting and organization, managing multiple businesses, and using Whole Brain Thinking with Mary Clavieres

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Mary Clavieres is a jill of many trades— she is Founder & CEO of Brief Transitions, The Transitions Collective & Mary Clavieres Consulting. She juggles three businesses including a product-based business, a coaching collective for women going through transitions, and a consulting business where she uses her training in Whole Brain Thinking. We chat about all of the above in today’s episode, including Mary’s advice if you are in transitions, how to set goals that are manageable, and how to understand your strengths and work with others who compliment your skillset.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Mary’s background and how she launched her businesses

  • How Mary balances running three separate businesses

  • Mary’s tips for productivity and organization

  • How to properly set goals

  • Mary’s advice for those going through transitions

  • What is Whole Brain Thinking?

  • How to use Whole Brain Thinking at work

  • Navigating working with others who have different strengths than you

  • How to use Whole Brain Thinking as a solopreneur

Mentioned in this episode:

All the deets:

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