Episode 4: Exploring urban herbalism, navigating wellness and adaptogens, and plant-based living with Rachelle Robinett


Today’s episode is with Rachelle Robinett, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist & Founder of Supernatural. Rachelle is a go-to expert in the wellness field, one that she helped build, but is also not afraid to speak her mind about when it goes too far. In this episode we chat about and explore my interest in urban herbalism, the challenges and beauty of the wellness industry, having a business with multiple facets and layers, why Rachelle uses food as medicine before herbs, and more. Rachelle is such a wealth of knowledge— I can’t wait to hear what you learned in this episode!

All the deets:

Check out Rachelle’s website for great content and information about her health coaching and herbalism services.
Visit Supernatural Cafe the next time you are in NYC (the mylks are amazing) on Houston and Bowery. If she’s there, tell her you listened to this episode!
Subscribe to her newsletter, Supernatural News (one of my favorites, always filled with lots of interesting products, research, and more).
Say hi to her on Instagram at @rachellerobinett.

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Sara Weinreb