41: Life as multi-hyphenate, the process of exploration, and healing with Seher Sikandar

Portrait by  GREY + ELLE .

Seher Sinkandar is a multi-hyphenate— she’s a photographer, writer, community facilitator, speaker, and creative strategist, amongst other things. In this episode we talk about having various identities, Seher’s process to explore what she enjoys and what she wants to offer, how she chooses projects, and her healing journey.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Seher’s journey into freelance creative work

  • How she’s evolving beyond photography and what she is focusing on expanding into

  • How she started her writings on Instagram

  • How her Sudanese Healing Database project came to be

  • What exploration really looks like and how she structures it

  • How to be known for anything when you do many things

  • Seher’s healing journey

  • How she uses Qi Gong for healing

Mentioned in this episode:

All the deets:

  • Seher’s Qi Gong class schedule, in-person events, 1:1 insight sessions, photography work, and upcoming online workshops can be found on her website, seher.co

  • Follow Seher on Instagram at @seher

  • Tag me (@saraweinreb) and Seher on Instagram with your favorite takeaways from the episode— we’d love to hear them!

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Sara Weinreb