13: Reducing stress, befriending your inner protector, and simplifying your health routine with Ali Shapiro

photo by  Rachael Waring

This week I chat with Ali Shapiro, a Holistic nutritionist, integrated health coach and rebel with a serious cause, Creator of Truce with Food. Ali has her own unique approach to health (which she call's "not your parents' healthcare) which looks at the root cause of our behaviors, befriending your inner protector, and simplifying to the core of your needs. She is a refreshing and different voice in the wellness space, one that asks you to dig deep to be your healthiest, most truth-aligned self.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How change is a health tool

  • How to redefine your inner critic as a protector

  • How to recognize behaviors that are sabotaging our goals

  • Why connecting to nature and getting sunlight is so important

  • The importance of simplicity in our health and why you may not need to take a bunch of supplements

  • How to reduce stress by recognizing your emotional patterns

  • How to recognize and honor your inner needs

All the deets:

Find Ali on Instagram at @alimshapiro
Check out Ali's course, Truce with Food. Registration is open January 21-28 for the only time this year!
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