14: Using hypnosis to increase your self worth and wealth + a live hypnotalk with Jessica Geist


Well, this is something new! In today's episode, I chat with and then am hypnotized by Jessica Geist, a Subconscious Psychologist. Yes, I said I was hypnotized, and you can be too through this episode if you choose to! Jessica helps women "own their worth and increase their wealth" using a variety of modalities including coaching and hypnosis. After discussing her work and learning more about hypnosis, Jessica hypnotizes me live on the podcast in which you too can participate in (if you choose!).

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is hypnosis and the history— science behind it + not just woo woo

  • Jessica's multifaceted approach in supporting women to unblock the things holding them back

  • Why coaching only gets you so far

  • What stops women from getting what we want

  • How we can reprogram subconscious beliefs 

  • I participate in a LIVE, on air hypnotalk (hypnosis exercise!) starting at 40:40 which you can choose to join along in to increase my self worth

All the deets:

Jessica's free 20-minute transformational hypnosis recording for bulletproof confidence (Jessica recommends listening to it daily for 21 days).

Jessica is currently enrolling Worth to Wealth, and leading a women's leadership "hypno-retreat" in Asheville NC, April 4-7th! Details on her website.

Tag me (@saraweinreb) on Instagram with your favorite takeaways from the episode and if you tried the hypnosis!

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Sara Weinreb