15: Building a brand that sticks, celebrating women in food, and going green with Kerry Diamond of Cherry Bombe

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On this episode of Medium Well, I chat with Kerry Diamond, co-founder of Cherry Bombe and owner of Smith Canteen. Kerry’s work with Cherry Bombe supports and celebrates womxn in the food industry, where she has built quite a following, and she also runs a coffee shop in Brooklyn dedicated to being the greenest shop in town. Our conversation covers both these topics, as well as her path in media, how being a writer has changed, and more.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Kerry’s background in media

  • How Kerry has changed careers and industries multiple times, and why

  • How Kerry started Cherry Bombe, and how the industry has changed since then

  • The role of Instagram in the changing media landscape

  • Advice for writers and creatives

  • Her “green canteen” initiative and why sustainability is important

  • The challenges of running a sustainable business

  • How business owners and individuals can take steps towards sustainable living

All the deets:

Check out Cherry Bombe. Their annual Jubliee is Sunday, April 7th in Brooklyn (I went last year and it was wonderful!).

Stop by Smith Canteen next time you’re in Brooklyn.

Say hi to Kerry on Instagram at @kerrybombe, as well @cherrybombe and @smithcanteen.

Tag me (@saraweinreb) and Kerry/Cherry Bombe on Instagram with your favorite takeaways from the episode!


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