24: Building a creative business, social media as a portfolio, balancing curation and vulnerability, and exploring the unknown with Bonnie Tsang

Portrait by  GREY + ELLE .

Bonnie Tsang is a photographer and teacher, and I would also call her a grounded marketing expert. Her Instagram feed is as curated and beautiful as it is honest and raw, as Bonnie has mastered the balance of a cohesive visual identity while remaining vulnerable and personable, and completely relatable. In this conversation we talk about that balance, how Bonnie started in photography and worked her way up to shooting commercially with huge clients, as well as her advice for navigating transitions, getting unstuck, and more.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Bonnie’s inspiration for getting into photography

  • How she built her skills and brought on huge clients

  • Bonnie’s massive Pinterest following and how she uses the platform

  • How Bonnie curates her brand voice and uses social media as her primary marketing tool

  • Bonnie’s balance of curation and vulnerability and how that impacts her current and potential clients

  • How she grew her knowledge and skills in photography and beyond

  • How Bonnie explores new inspiration as a source of happiness

  • How to quiet distraction

  • Bonnie’s approach to trying new things in her business

  • Bonnies advice on navigating transitions from her personal experience

  • How to get unstuck & what to do if things aren’t working

  • How to find the things you are good at

  • How Bonnie is focusing on a slower, more thoughtful approach to work and life

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