23: Learning from your feelings, living your inner truth, embracing envy, and choosing wonder over worry with Amber Rae

Portrait by  GREY + ELLE .

Amber Rae is a writer, visual artist, and speaker who encourages emotional wellness and personal growth. Her artwork has inspired me, and you’ve likely seen it circulating on Instagram as well! In this conversation we dive deep into feelings and emotions, discussing how to learn from them and harness them to guide you. We discuss the evolution of Amber’s career and how she landed on creating her own art that has been seen by millions and changes the way people think and feel. We dive into what Amber’s business looks like, the lessons she learned from working with Seth Godin, where she draws her inspiration, and so much more.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Amber’s inspiration for her book, Choose Wonder Over Worry

  • How to find your inner truth and zone of genius

  • How to use envy to tap into potential in ourselves

  • Amber’s experience working with Seth Godin

  • How to differentiate between intuition and fear

  • Amber’s system for learning from your feelings and emotions

  • How Amber builds her business by living her message

  • Why Amber’s work resonates and her artwork is going viral

  • Push versus pull in business

  • Where Amber gets inspiration

Mentioned in this episode:

All the deets:

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