7: Sustainable living, global health, and building an impact-driven business with Megan Faletra


Megan Faletra is the Founder of The Well Co. and The Well Essentials. In this episode, Megan and I chat about social entrepreneurship, building a mission-driven business, as well as personally and professionally focusing on health, wellness, and sustainability, which we both share as interests. It’s a conversation packed with useful tips about entrepreneurship and sustainability— Megan is full of information and backs up her information with her impressive credentials.

We cover:

  • Megan’s background and decision to pivot careers to focus on global health and sustainability

  • The challenges and benefits of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship 

  • What is greenwashing and how can consumers be conscious of it?

  • Megan’s two businesses and her business model

  • Why Megan identifies as an educator instead of a blogger

  • Being conscious of misinformation in the age of Instagram

  • Megan’s number one tip for being healthier + more sustainable

All the deets:

If you are looking for information on sustainable living and wellness, check out Megan’s blog and information hub, The Well Essentials
You can use code MEDIUMWELL for $50 off The Well Library (that’s 1/3 off!).
If you are a business looking for impact consulting, check out Megan’s consulting firm The Well Co.
Say hi to Megan on Instagram at @meganfaletra.

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Sara Weinreb