8: Design Therapy with Samantha Zucker


Today’s episode is with Samantha Zucker, an Independent Designer and Strategist. Samantha and I chat about freelance work, where my blocks are, and how to use design thinking, a methodology we both teach, as an individual. Samantha' is a talented designer whose design work spans more than just visual design to conversational design, experience design, and more. We met through the StartingBloc fellowship and have continued to stay in touch as our interests overlap!

We cover:

  • What is design thinking?

  • Where I’m feeling stuck  in my career journey

  • How Samantha built her business

  • How to map your passions and finding themes

  • Finding your sweet spot in your business

  • The perks of being a freelancer

  • The many facets of design

All the deets:

Check out Samantha’s design therapy and other services on her website.
Say hi to Samantha on Instagram at @srzucker.

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Sara Weinreb